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Do you want to know how to win as quickly as possible? Play with the right now. There’s a lot of money along with entertaining! This is Mimosa Street, also Hwy 1801. It runs from US Hwy 80, (E. Broad Street) to the Loop 564 in Mineola Texas.
This is Hwy 49, also E. McDonald Street, from the loop to hwy 69 (N. Pacific Street). In this video, we are heading west, coming in from the east. Perform here within the ideal internet casino on the internet in free spins no deposit. Bending pay in! Talk about in addition to earn!
This is Hwy 1254, also known as Ivey Street. This street runs from Newsom Street to the loop (FM 564) in Mineola. The south entrance to the Civic Center is off of this street as are the Civic Center Ball Parks. The best roulette and poker on our site casino bankid. Go to and get big bonuses!
This video is Newsom Street, starting at US Hwy 80 and going north to the end of Newsom Street. Newsom Street runs parallel to North Pacific St. and is the first street that parallels Pacific to the east.
This is Johnson Street, once the main drag in Mineola. The video starts at Hwy 69 as you travel south down Johnson St. all the way to the railroad tracks and back out to Hwy 69. Johnson Street runs parallel to Hwy 69 (Pacific St.) between US 80 and the Why 37 split. It is the first parallel street west of Pacific.
This is US Hwy 69 coming into Mineola from the north. This video starts just inside the loop and continues to the intersection of Hwy 37 (Pacific St.).
This is US Hwy 69, also known as Pacific Street going through Mineola, Texas. Note that Hwy 69 veers to the left toward Greenville, but we stay straight. The road becomes Hwy 37 at this point but it is still called Pacific St. Hwy 80 is the dividing point for North Pacific and South Pacific.
This is US Hwy 80, also known as Broad Street in Mineola, Texas. You are entering from the west side of town and going straight through heading east. Hwy 69 is the divider between East Broad St. & West Broad Street.
This tour starts on US 69, heading north in to town as if you were coming in to Mineola from Lindale or I-20. You take a right on the loop and follow it all the way around until it ends at US 80, west of town.